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Brief resume

Mission and guide lights of the institute of Opus Lacrimosa, z.u is a versatile active support for improving the quality of life of caregivers and their charges across the country.

z.u. (Zapsaný Ústav = registered institute) is a new Czech legal form of nonprofit organizations that may hold economic activity for preferential tax treatment.

Opus Lacrimosa cooperates with partner organizations in the EU.

Guarantor of economic and organizational part of the project LACRIMOSA is

1) Opus Lacrimosa z.ú. and the

2) Trust Fund Lacrimosa HF and

3) Division Opus Lacrimosa z.ú. - Car Camper Tramp and furniture.

To achieve these objectives, the Institute particular:
1) collect and process statistical data;
2) prepares expert reports and studies and propose solutions, presents and defends it before the legislative and central government authorities;
3) organize conferences, seminars and training for carers and professionals, exhibitions and social events, performs in the media and organizes publications;
4) participates in ensuring the increased availability of individual holiday and leisure activities, including caring for the mediation DIY respite care;
5) initiates the creation and organization of equipment immediate short-term respite and respite care and organizes creation and network utilization rental motorhome fully barrier-free design "," driver & passenger ' ";
6) coordinates and supports the creation of a trust fund care trust networks Lacrimosa preferring religious participation.